Top 5 Schools in France

France is one of the leading academic countries as it has a number of schools which are world class rated. There are also a number of nationalities who go to France for the sake of seeking academic adventure for their career building. Once you choose the career that you want to settle for and you’re ready to study overseas consider France as you will be making the right choice.

The national language is French but due to the diversity in nationalities seeking academic thirst, there are a couple of schools that you can opt for and be taught either in English or French.

There are a number of options for schools be it universities or colleges to choose from. They are well located in the cities of France and well equipped with the facilities to make you feel comfortable as you are studying. The top 5 schools in France schools include:

1.Paris Science et Lettres

Located in Paris area the university is one of the finest in France. It boasts to have 25 education and research institutions within Paris and was established in April 2010. this university was established during the Enlightenment period and through its years of experience has produced a number of successful scholars. Once you join the university you are assured of professionalism in class and the quality of lectures you get is just self-spoken.

2.Emlyon business school

To run the world of business the world needs business scholars who are well certified from a business school. One of the finest in France is the Emlyon business school. Its located in Lyon and was started in 1872. These many years have helped it grow into the latest trends and become a top-class business school in Europe. Globally its rated top 100 in employability and in France its the second best business school.

3.The American University in Paris

Just as the name suggests its a university of American style in France. Even though its located in France there are a couple of local and intentional students who would prefer the venture of an elite taste of the American University of Paris. The name university means universal and hence this university has brought the diversity of being able to get certified in it. Its located in Paris and was started in 1962. It boasts to have more than 15,000 graduates from 141 countries of the world.

4.Ecole Polytechnique

Looking for a science and technology school. This is the right place to be if you are in France. This university has over 3,000 students and is located in the suburbs of Palaiseau. Most of its student’s body is made of international students and hence these means that if you are an international student you are well represented. The technical lessons taught in this school on science and technology will aid you to be quite professional in your line of work in such a way that your employment status will always be admired.

5.Sports management school

If you are a sports man and want to grow your career in it and have a good pay this is the place you should land on. The school is well equipped with lessons of sportsmanship and facilities that will help you train and have management skills in sports. It specializes in sports management and hence you need to come to this place to grow your skills in management. It was established in 2010 and has over 300 students currently – read article on university cost in france.

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